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8 days discovering nature

On this tour you'll get to experience life in the wild. Based at Isortoq reindeer station and surrounded by arctic wildlife, you'll get to enjoy one of the world's last untouched frontiers.



Day 1: fly into Narsarsuaq where you'll be picked up by boat and transferred to Isortoq reindeer station. On the way we'll pass icebergs, travel through incredible scenery and if we're lucky see some whales!

Day 2: breakfast and orientation at the station. We'll head off for a day hike in the morning and view some of the surrounding lakes and valleys. We'll forage on our way and hopefully find wild blueberries and the ingredients needed for arctic tea!

Day 3: we'll head by boat to an eagle nesting ground, where if we're lucky we can see young eagle chicks! We'll also try sea fishing and see if we can catch some fish for our dinner!

Day 4: we hike out through the valleys, following the coastline west until we reach a remote herders cabin, where we'll stay for the night.

Day 5: we're picked up by boat and head through stunning fjords to a musk ox grazing area. We'll then head back to the reindeer station- hopefully having captured some fantastic pictures!

Day 6: we head off from the station to where reindeer were last sighted and hopefully catch a glimpse of a herd. We'll look out for wild sheep and arctic hares on the way and hopefully catch sight of all 3! In the evening we'll try our hand at knife carving, a traditional skill.

Day 7: we head to an outlet of the Sermilik glacier, where we'll see the glacier calving into the sea. We'll head onto the glacier and drink pure melt water from glacial streams. In the afternoon we head back to Narsarsuaq.

Day 8: after a farewell breakfast at the hotel we head back to the airport to catch our flights home.


Dates & Prices

July 6th - 13th

August 3rd- 10th

€3250 per person (this includes all food, accommodation, and transport during the tour. It doesn’t include travel to Greenland)

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