Wild Greenland

Where, What & Who



Isortoq is a gathering place and a community, bringing together people from all over the world, who come here to see nature at it´s most beautiful, experience life in the wild, learn about reindeer herding, fish, hike and explore. We´re passionate about sharing our life here and ensuring that people leave with memories that will last.

Within hiking distance of the station you can find glaciers that lead onto the Greenland ice cap, arctic tundra, mountains, lakes, canyons and valleys with a variety of alpine plants. The land is home to caribou reindeer, arctic hare, sheep, eagles, arctic fox and musk oxen. The rivers and lakes contain a huge number of fish, and the sea is home to seal, several species of whale and is a feeding ground for loons, gulls, and other sea birds.

Isortoq Reindeer Station

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Isortoq Reindeer Station was founded in 1990 and since then has been a working farm, exporting reindeer meat and skins to Iceland, Canada, and Finland. The name Isortoq means muddy water in the Greenlandic Inuit language and comes from the nearby glaciers melting and carrying silt and minerals into the rivers.

Living in Isortoq requires self-sufficiency and we pride ourselves on being able to provide food, build, fix or invent whatever´s needed. The food here is some of the freshest, most delicious that you will find anywhere in the world. The reindeer graze on alpine and mountain herbs in the hills surrounding the station and it´s the variety of arctic plants that gives our meat an incredible flavour. Here you can catch fish in the morning and then eat them at lunch.


Meet the Team



Ginny- Chief of Adventure

Ginny has skied across the Greenland icecap, worked as a glacier guide in Iceland, a dog sledding guide in Norway and led trips in China, Georgia, Turkey, Scotland, and Madagascar and has a huge passion for hiking, glaciers, mountains and exploring wild places.


Stefan- Wild Wisdom           

Stefan has spent the last 30 years creating Isortoq Reindeer station. He studied agriculture in Iceland and reindeer herding in Norway and Sweden. He has a deep passion for outdoor life and enjoys being able to forage, hunt, fish, prepare game and live off the land. 


rebecca- extreme storyteller

Rebecca is pro at cramming adventures into every spare moment, she can regularly be found bivying on sea cliffs, in forests and hill tops around the UK. She’s climbed mountains in Slovenia, skied across frozen lakes in Norway and travelled to Guatemala, Mexico, Cambodia, and Morocco to name a few. 

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Jeff put on his first pair of skis at 18 months old, since then he’s spent the majority of his life on skis or crampons; guiding trips in Sweden, Norway and Iceland. With great love for adventure, nature and personal development, Jeff is working on a daily basis to inspire people to become their best possible self by getting outside and creating epic experiences.