Wild Greenland
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About Us


Wild Greenland celebrates curiosity and exploration. The breathless excitement of watching a glacier calve into the sea. Witnessing the explosion of life during Greenland's summer months. The pure joy of rambling around the arctic hills, lakes and valleys. The satisfaction of catching and foraging your dinner. It’s what we love about Greenland and we are here to help you experience it too.

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life on the frontier

Isortoq Reindeer station was founded in 1990 and since then has been a working farm and a work in progress! The first building was our "loo with a view" overlooking the fjord, followed by the main station house with other buildings added over the years. There are always things to be fixed and new ideas- how does a sauna by the lake sound? It’s on our to do list!

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Living in Isortoq requires self-sufficiency and we pride ourselves on being able to provide food, build, fix or invent whatever´s needed. When you stay with us, you aren't staying in a 5 * hotel, you're staying in our home. It's not perfect but it has stories to tell and we love it! Ask us about the time Stefan accidentally set off a grenade in the workshop or show you the dent in the wall made by a runaway chicken.

One of the things we are proudest of is our food. It’s some of the freshest, most delicious that you will find anywhere in the world. We catch, smoke and prepare our own fish. And we're constantly on the look out for new plants to forage and new ways to eat Arctic Angelica. Our reindeer graze on alpine and mountain herbs in the hills surrounding the station and it´s this variety that gives our meat an incredible flavour. If you're lucky we'll share our reindeer burger recipe with you!


Meet the Team

Our wonderful Wild Greenland family keeps on growing as we meet more and more excellent people, who share our values, our passion for living off the land and our love for exploring. Some people collect stamps, we collect incredible friends.

our founders


Ginny- Chief Adventurer

Ginny first came to Greenland in 2017 to ski across the icecap from west to east and remains possibly the only person to make a cheesecake from scratch on the Greenland ice cap- an achievement she is extremely proud of!

Ginny is obsessed with ice and has worked as a glacier and ice climbing guide in Iceland and a dog sledding guide in Norway. If given the chance she will tell you lots of interesting (in her opinion) facts about the crystal structure of glacial ice and why it makes the ice look blue!

She has also led trips in China, Georgia, Turkey, Scotland, and Madagascar and has a huge passion for hiking, nature and exploring wild places.


Stefan- Wild Wisdom           

Stefan first visited Greenland as a 15 year old. Leaving his mother a letter about his plans, he set off by himself to explore. Stefan had taken camping gear with him and was able to provide food for himself and a fellow Icelander he'd met on the way. Stefan's mother, by this time rather worried, had contacted the police who found Stefan and sent him home, but from that first trip a love for the country was born.

Stefan has spent the last 30 years creating Isortoq Reindeer station. He studied agriculture in Iceland and reindeer herding in Norway and Sweden. He has a deep passion for outdoor life and enjoys being able to forage, hunt, fish, prepare game and live off the land.

The Wild Greenland Family

dogs greenland

Maximus & Snati

Maximus and Snatie like to be involved in all aspects of life at the station, whether that’s a boat trip to the glacier, hiking in the hills or their favourite- dinner time!

They appreciate belly rubs, back scratches and any dinner leftovers- though there usually aren’t too many! They appreciate bathtime less, and usually prefer a quick sea dip.

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Jeff put on his first pair of skis at 18 months old, since then he’s spent the majority of his life on skis or crampons; guiding trips in Sweden, Norway and Iceland. With great love for adventure, nature and personal development, Jeff is working on a daily basis to inspire people to become their best possible self by getting outside and creating epic experiences. Jeff will be helping us create ski touring trips - watch this space!