Food & Accommodation

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It's a well known fact that food tastes better outside. We say that it tastes even better when it’s come from the sea next to you or the land nearby. All our fish is caught and prepared by us, all our meat is from the reindeer farm or land surrounding the station and we forage as many plants as we can to add to our dishes.

If you have any dietary requirements, let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate!

Typical Meals

For breakfast we prepare porridge, cheese, freshly baked bread, jams (including home made rhubarb jam!), and cold meats.

For lunch we are usually out hiking or on a trip so we prepare packed lunches of cold meats, pate, fresh bread, cheeses, fruit.

There is nothing better than a good meal after a day hiking and exploring! For dinner we prepare either reindeer or fish, with rice or potatoes and usually accompanied by salad we’ve foraged from nearby. Some of our favourites include Daniel’s reindeer burgers, Stefan’s fried fish, and Ginny’s reindeer pie.

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hiking food

Snacks are very important on a hiking trip! And we like to munch on homemade biscuits, trail bars, smoked fish and wild blueberries if we can find them! We usually manage time for an afternoon tea or coffee with homemade cakes too!

If we’re out camping we’ll start the day with a similar breakfast and for dinner we’ll usually prepare a simple one pot dish like pasta. We usually still manage to fit in some smoked fish as a starter or a cake as desert!



At the station all our guests stay in the “hotel” next to the main station house. There are 3 rooms each with two single beds, but what really makes them special are the views!

We provide linen and towels and there are shared bathroom facilities. Meals are eaten in the main house but a kettle is provided in case you want a quick cup of tea or coffee.

We’re a working farm and the weather in Greenland can be harsh in the winter so you will see some wear and tear on the buildings but they are very comfortable- particularly after a day of hiking!

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We set up our tent camps next to the sea so that we can boat in supplies. This means along with the great views, you don’t have to carry any camping gear whilst you hike. It also means you can go for a refreshing sea dip in the morning- if you’re brave enough!

We provide sleeping tents, a tipi for the main meeting and cooking tent and all the cooking equipment.

The arctic heather makes a springy bed, but we do suggest that guests bring a sleeping mat and a sleeping bag that’s comfortable down to around 0°C.